Gimbo Software is your one to location for premium software products developed by a keen and motivated software developer. These software applications are developed with clear aim in mind in order to provide the most useful and inititative programs to our users. We strive to provide the most fun and engaging software we can.

Unique Concepts
One of our applications: iDentanote, is a music learning tool that aims to teach and solidify music theory. This is often a daunting and tiresome task when implemented with traditional methods. But when we take this concept of teaching music theory and make it into a quiz-based game and learning tool, coupled with well thought-up methods of engaging it's users, we can make this tiresome task become something enjoyable. Also adding a competition element: The Highscore database, we can strive it's users to try their best at learning music theory and earn a name for themselves in the highscores.

Gimbo Software, is not just dedicated to paid apps but also features 100% free applications that you can use right away. WIthin every application numerous quality control measures are peformed in order to ensure the program functions as expected. Whilst we try our best to ensure this is the case, in the event that there is an issue, we encourage you to send an email outlining your issue to: or fill out the form in the "Support" section of this website.

We hope you enjoy these applications and if it has helped you, why not send us a testominial in the "Testominals" section of this website? We'd love to hear your opinions on the software developed by Gimbo Software!

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